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In the News

Branded uniforms are essential.

2020.05.13 - Are your team's uniforms working for you? Contact Ukrop's Threads today to ensure your uniforms represent your brand! Click here to get started.

5 Reasons Why Branded Uniforms are Essential

Building HOPE with uniforms
Building HOPE with unisforms

2020.04.29 - We care about the communities in which we do business, and we value our clients who feel the same! Cumberland Farms' HOPE Fund program is a great example of our clients' compassion for their employees that reaches above and beyond the status quo. We are gratefully included in the yearly design and manufacturing of all uniform items in the HOPE Fund Collection. For every HOPE Fund item voluntarily purchased by an employee, a $10 donation of their purchase is deposited into the Fund to provide financial assistance for Cumberland Farms employees experiencing hardship or misfortune. Each $10 donation is matched by Cumberland Farms as well! What a rewarding program to be a part of and help grow.

Our unsung heroes

2020.04.15 - We are overwhelmed by all the positive news stories regarding several of our grocery store partners, as they continue to adjust their operations during this challenging time in our lives. It warms our hearts and makes us proud to be associated with such great organizations, so we thought we’d share just one of the many examples of their efforts. Check out the grocery store heroes at H-E-B in this recently posted photo piece from the Houston Chronicle. Way to get the job done right, H-E-B!

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